Richmond Cricket Club

Home of the 2009 British Columbia Provincial Champions

Richmond Cricket Club - Home of the 2009 British Columbia Provincial Champions

Passing of Terry

2-6-2014 12-02-10 PM

 With great sadness we must announce the passing of Terry Howard on Feb 5th.

  He was a great man and a cricketer who was instrumental in founding the Richmond Cricket Club.

He will be missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gael and her family during this difficult time.

Richmond Cricket Club extends our deepest sympathy to Gael and her family.

Richmond Kidsport Financial Assistance

‘Richmond Kidsport Fund may provide assistance for families “in need” who may not be able to afford the registration fee. The objective of Kidsport is to indexremove the financial obstacles that can prevent some children from participating in their season of sport. Grants up to $250 are available to children. To apply for financial assistance you must complete and send in the Kidsport application found at the below link.

CLICK HERE for Kidsport Financial Assistance Application

Upon completing the application and sending it in to Kidsport, please register for Richmond Cricket Club. In the payment section, select “cheque” as your method of payment and indicate that you have applied for financial assistance through Kidsport.

Richmond Cricket Club will be happy to provide Cricket equipment to kids who apply under the Kids Sport program’.

ICICI Bank Player of the Week: Manny Aulakh

ICICI Bank Player of the Week

Name: Manny Aulakh
Major Teams: Canada Under 19, Richmond Cricket Club
Age: 19 Years Old
Playing Role: Opening Bowler and Middle/Lower Order Bat
Batting Style: Right Hand Bat
Bowling Style: Right Arm Medium Fast
Favorite Cricket Moment: India winning the 2011 World Cup
Cricket Hero: Sachin Tendulkar
Coach: Jack Kyle

BCMCL Standings

(Standings as of June 5, 2011)

Elite Division
Conference 1

1 MERALOMA I 4 3 0 1 100
2 PAKCAN I 4 2 0 2 100
3 ABBOTSFORD I 5 4 1 0 80
4 RICHMOND I 4 1 1 2 50
5 NORTH SHORE I 4 1 2 1 33.3
6 WEST VANCOUVER I 4 0 2 2 16.7
7 SURREY NEWTON I 5 0 5 0 0

Premier Conference

# Team GP W L RO %
1 West Coast Tamils I 4 1 0 3 75
2 Centurions 5 3 1 1 70
3 Salim Akbar I 3 2 1 0 66.7
4 Windies I 5 2 1 2 66.7
5 United I 5 2 3 0 40
6 Newton Cricket Club I
(Prev. COSMOS) 4 1 2 1 33.3
7 Meraloma II 4 0 3 1 0

Poker Night Pictures.

Pictures from Poker Night. All the flushes, buy-ins, checks , straights and everyone who had a joyful evening of get together.

TapeBall Tournament Pictures!

Pictures from Tapeball Tournament and players who participated and made the event a success!!

Tape Ball Tournament Schedule

The schedule is strictly an outline/guideline. Not everything runs as planned we understand that, some games may carry onto the next day.
Also according to weather conditions the tournament may be postponed. If that is to occur all captains will be informed.


Wides are two runs and don’t count as a delivery.
Every member of each team is required to bowl an over.
No keepers. Location
No byes, however leg byes are permitted.
No balls (foot faults) result in free hits.
6 overs per side.
Last man bats.
Must be at the ground 15 mins before your game.
No Pay, No Play. The team forfeits the game.

Location : Click Here


1.In the unlikely event that a game is cancelled by you and the opposing Captain, you MUST 2.5 HOURS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED START, contact the League Coordinator, if league umpires are assigned. For the 2010 season contact Angus Melder at 604-637-2678 or Myriam Sanchez at 604-279-1363 to call off the League Umpire/Scorer. To call off a Club Umpire, contact the individual Club Umpire Contact listed in the BCMCL Handbook. (See pre-match playing rules).

2. It is League policy that GAMES CANNOT BE RESCHEDULED. However, if a ground is not available through circumstances beyond your control, an effort will be made to reschedule the game if possible. Also please note that GAMES CANNOT BE RESCHEDULED ONCE THIS SCHEDULE HAS BEEN PRESENTED.

3. Inter-Provincial or Representative Games: If a club has three (3) or more players selected to represent Vancouver, British Columbia or Canada, and this results in their absence from a scheduled game, the club may request rescheduling of the game(s) concerned. Such request for rescheduling should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary and be received by him/her in writing not later than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled game.

4. Grounds: Clubs should try to rectify problems with the grounds by working on them themselves and putting some effort into improvement. If after doing so the problem continues, please contact Jim Richards (604-983-9561).

If a match has been cancelled for any reason and league umpires/scorers are appointed for the match, contact Angus Melder at 604-637-2678 (or Myriam Sanchez at 604-279-1363) and the League Umpires and Scorer will be notified. Clubs failing to notify Angus Melder of match cancellation will be billed for the League Umpires/Scorers.

Pre-Match Local Rules:

It is the duty of the captains to decide on the fitness of the ground for play at least 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled starting time on the match day. IF they cannot agree, the teams must report to the ground for a further ground inspection. In the event of further disagreement and if appointed umpire or umpires are absent, the match shall begin. IF THE CAPTAINS TOGETHER ABANDON THE MATCH, THEY MUST INFORM THE LEAGUE SECRETARY & UMPIRES/SCORERS COORDINATOR BY THE ABOVE TIME TO AVOID BEING BILLED FOR THE ATTENDANCE OF MATCH OFFICIALS (Includes “Club” umpires).

BCMCL Descipline


The BCMCL has a zero tolerance policy on player indiscipline and we will take all necessary steps to ensure that the game is played in the true spirit of cricket.
The league is committed to ensuring the game retains a zero tolerance attitude to disciplinary matters such as physical/verbal abuse of players/umpires, dissent at umpire decision and unsportsmanlike behavior.

The BCMCL Code of Conduct will be strictly adhered to and the umpire will bring the charge(s) to the Protest and Disciplinet committee.
As a general rule, the Captain of the side is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of the players in the team. Apart from the charged
player, the Captain can also be penalized for the behaviour and conduct of his players.
It is hoped that umpires together, and captains can solve dissent problems, but if they cannot be solved at the ground or the offence is worse than dissent, the player will be reported, & the BCMCL Discipline committee can suspend a player and take action against a captain who does not control his players.

You can find more information on BCMCL’s code of conduct at

Here is few key points to remember:

The Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit of the game as well as within the Laws.
Players and Team Officials shall not at any time engage in conduct unbecoming to a player or team official which could bring the game into disrepute.
Players and Team Officials must at all times accept the Umpire’s decision. Players must not show dissent at the umpire’s decision.
Players and Team Officials shall not intimidate, assault or attempt to intimidate or assault an umpire, another player or spectator.
Players and Team Officials shall not use crude or abusive language (known as “sledging”) nor make any offensive gestures, nor appeal excessively.
Players and Team Officials shall not make any public pronouncement or comment which is detrimental to the game in question.
Clubs must take adequate steps to ensure the good behaviour of their members and supporters towards players and umpires.

All players registering for play in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League acknowledge that they have read and accepted the Code of Conduct. Under Law 42, the Team Captain is responsible for the behaviour of a side on the field during a match.

The Laws (of Cricket) also state that the Umpires are sole judges of fair and unfair play and are entitled to intervene without appeal in the case of unfair play, but should not otherwise interfere with the progress of the game, except as required to do so by the Laws. Further, that in the event of a player failing to comply with the instructions of an umpire or criticizing his decisions,(dissent) the umpires should in the first place request the captain to take action, and if this proves ineffective, report the incident as soon as possible to the executive of the players team and to any governing body responsible for the match.



To dispute an umpire’s decision by word, action or gesture. (Dissent: see above)

To direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire.

To indulge in cheating or any sharp practice, for instance;

To appeal knowing that the batsman is not out.

To advance towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing.

To seek to distract an opponent either verbally or by harassment…

ICC RULES; (What is dissent?) Showing dissent at an Umpire’s decision


(a) excessive, obvious disappointment with an Umpire’s decision;

(b) an obvious (clearly seen to all) delay in resuming play or leaving the pitch;

(c) shaking the head;

(d) pointing or looking at the inside edge of bat when given out lbw;

(e) pointing to the pad or rubbing the shoulder when caught behind;

(f) snatching the cap from the Umpire;

Adnan Ali
Secretary BCMCL